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BitlQ’s new trading platform. As you know, we here at Tech Bable pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technology. This week, we are very excited to announce that we have begun beta testing of BitlQ’s new trading platform. BitlQ allows its users to organize and execute trades according to various parameters as well as view detailed financial data regarding the companies in which they have invested or may invest in the future. Take a look at the article below by Ethan Collier to learn more about this exciting new platform!

How do you know if your strategy works?

Every strategy needs testing before you let it loose in your live trading environment. Most strategies can be easily tested by simulating market conditions, and if that’s not possible, then there are several tried-and-true methodologies to ensure they work as intended. We’ll cover a few of these below . First, however, we need to know what makes for a good strategy so we can set up tests that properly evaluate them. There are many ways to define success for a trading system: The system could take less risk than another similar system (the Sharpe ratio is one way to measure risk), or it could make more money with less risk (the Sortino ratio is one way). It could have an acceptable probability of making money over some period of time; how long depends on how much leverage you use.

How does it work?

You create a strategy on our website where you list your market predictions for any market. We let you set buy/sell conditions for any of those markets. Once you have created your strategy, you can use it to place trades or get it shared with others to invest in. When your conditions are met, we initiate your trade and make available 10% of shares at whatever market price is then available at that time.

Why choose bitlq?

The name may not be as catchy as other well-known names, but bitlq does come with some unique benefits. First, bitlq offers users a visual representation of their current and past trades. Users can even share these graphs with friends and family to discuss any trends they see on their strategy. Second, bitlq’s trading platform is designed to help traders learn from their mistakes and make smarter decisions in future trades.

What tools do they offer?

Trading bots, equity indexes and even binary options are just a few of the many tools available on BitlQ. You can also create your own custom trading strategies. Any strategy you come up with, or have seen work in another market. Can be entered into BitlQ for automated trade executions. If a strategy becomes popular among traders it may be automatically traded for you (or you can opt-out).

Why should I be excited about this?

Trades often get lost in translation when being placed between one person’s computer and another’s. It can lead to hiccups or delays, and at times it can lead to missed opportunities or even financial loss. BitlQ is looking to put an end to all of that by bringing. A completely decentralized trading platform directly between traders themselves.