Improving Forklift Safety with RTLS Technology

Improving Forklift Safety with RTLS Technology


It’s the employee and employer’s responsibility to maintain safety in the workplace. Higher measures of safety should be implemented, especially when a company deals with heavy types of machines and materials. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states over 50,000 employees get injured in warehouses yearly. Some injuries are sustained in the workplace, some minor and others life-threatening.

Some of these injuries are caused by forklifts; that’s why businesses are embracing real-time location systems on the forklifts to scale forklift safety in a company. Forklift accidents and mistakes can cause harm to workers, waste time, cause heavy inventory losses and incur hefty repairs.

Fortunately, when a company uses the real time location system on the forklift, it will cut down forklift mistakes and injuries by a significant percentage. Here are reasons why every company shouldn’t ignore the forklift RLTS solutions.

 How RLTS Improves Forklift Safety

RLTS technology uses sensors and a tracker to identify the specific location of a forklift in real-time. The information is conveyed to a database where all the real-time locations are monitored. With RLTS, it is easy to monitor what’s happening in different locations in a company. Most companies that have working conditions have improved because:

Forklift Real-time Tracking

With RLTS technology, you can track the forklift in real-time, leading to efficient operations. You can use route optimization to monitor the tracked forklift in real-time with a 30-40cm accuracy. By route optimization, you can evaluate the position and current condition of the forklift. You can also easily examine and record the entry, exit, waiting, and access to restricted areas and control.

You will make a comprehensive analysis using the collected report of a region since the forklift routes will be recorded and viewed as animations. Using the analysis, you can improve forklift work efficiency by detecting when a forklift is not working. Additionally, you can check its working progress because it will be recorded when it’s idle and working.


Enhance Forklift Safety and Visibility

With the RLTS system, you will have total visibility of the company’s forklift operations which will help avoid forklift accidents. The RLTS tags the supervisors to keep the employees safe by creating a geofence zone to restrict and alert people in and out of the real-time hazard zone. The RLTS will help you maintain visibility where assets, forklift, and employees are throughout, and you can send help where it’s needed fast.

It Prevents Forklift- forklift and Forklift Pedestrian Collision System

Us records 85 deaths caused by forklift accidents and over 34,900 serious injuries as reported by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It further states that injuries can be reduced by 70%.

The system helps the forklift slow down and stop automatically when it meets a person. The system, for example, defines the speed it can be defined as decreasing speed to 5km/h when after 8 meters close and decreasing to 2km/h when closer than 4 meters. The employees can use the RLTS tags as a social distance aid to protect the workplace spaces. The system can help to congest people in a workplace.


RLTS Helps to Work Efficiently

The RLTS  technology has sensors that will give insights into the operator’s and pedestrians’ locations. Additionally, the in-cab cameras make the forklifts more visible and show load indicators that ensure safe mounting. The driver vision aid enhances the driver’s visibility of the area.

Prevention of Incorrect Unloading

When your forklift has a screen, you will have real-time allocated tasks. You can easily know where to load your next load’s exact location and where you are supposed to unload it without making mistakes. It makes your work easier, and you will use less time navigating a route.

Once you reach the destination where you are supposed to unload, the RLTS sensor will alert you if it’s the incorrect location preventing loading in incorrect locations. Your employees will work efficiently since there’s no room for mistakes because the system has 30cm accuracy even in harsh environmental conditions.

Prevent Injuries Caused by Collapsing Shelves and Pallets

Collapsing pallet racks and shelves are among the most common accidents in the industry. This can result from incorrect loading or a hit from a forklift. Apart from the RLTS tags recording real-time, they can also report data like a shock.

When the maintenance team receives the shock and its accurate location, they can look into the matter and prevent damage or accident. Furthermore, in case there’s an injury or damage, the exact location, real-time, will be recorded.


Forklift accidents have led to many workers’ deaths, while others are left with permanent damages. But thanks to RLTS, solutions have improved most industry workplace conditions by reducing accidents and damages. The real-time data enhances safety in the workplace. You can keep track of forklifts and workers, making it possible to avoid coalition and other accidents. The real-time data will also benefit the supervisor since he will keep track of forklift performance and improve if needed.

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