VAN Rental in Raleigh NC – A Great Way to Save Money on Your Next Group Trip!


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Raleigh, NC – the capital of North Carolina and the home of the historic Battle of Hayes Creek – is a thriving metropolis with plenty to offer anyone who visits. The city even has one of the oldest zoos in America! If you’re planning on visiting this great city anytime soon, and you have several friends or family members with you, renting a 15 passenger van from us at CARNGO might be just what you need to save money on your trip and have more fun in Raleigh!

How van rental works?

A 15 passenger VAN rental Raleigh NC works like this: You reserve a 15-passenger van online. Once the reservation is confirmed, one of our drivers will pick you up at your home or business, pack everyone and your belongings into the van and then deliver you to your destination. The first-time price for renting a 15-pass time van is $96 to 102$ per day. 

There are various ways to save money with a 15 passenger van rental. One way is to buy out the whole vehicle for a period of time (ex: one week). Another way is by reserving it for an extended period of time (ex: six months). Also, it’s possible to save money by using 15-passenger vans for shorter distances rather than commuting long distances by bus or train.

Why Use a 15 Passsenger VAN in Raleigh?

Most people have never rented a 15 passenger van, so they may not realize that it is such a cost-effective option. Renting one is ideal for travel within the state of North Carolina, and it is also great for out-of-state trips as well. If you are taking a vacation with your family or need transportation for an event at work, renting this type of vehicle can be a wise choice. 

What are the benefits of renting vans?

If you’re the type of person who gets a bit anxious when it comes to traveling, especially with a large group, you may be stressing about how many cars you’ll need for your next getaway. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the addition of 15 passenger vans and other vehicles from Car Rental company, everyone can hop in one vehicle without being cramped together or trying to take up parking spaces everywhere you go. 

  1. It is much easier and more comfortable for everyone involved when there’s plenty of room for everyone.
  2. Our 15 passenger vans are incredibly easy to rent as well, which means less time waiting around and more time soaking up the beautiful sights your destination has in store.
  3. Also, if you’re going on an overnight trip, this will save money since all you’ll need is one rental car instead of two-three separate ones. 
  4. Get ready to hit the road worry-free thanks to our 15 passenger van rentals in Raleigh NC. We offer competitive rates so you don’t have to spend any more than necessary when booking your upcoming vacation (or whatever else) ride!

What are some important safety features to know about when renting a van?

Safety features are essential for passengers of all ages, but it is especially important for children. With a van rental, parents can have peace of mind that their kids will be safe from drivers and from possible mechanical issues like battery failure.


15 passenger VAN rental Raleigh NC provides the perfect vehicle for group travel with the ability to carry 15 passengers at one time. The space allows your group or company to move comfortably without having to squeeze into cramped quarters or deal with uncomfortable tight spaces. 

If you need more room for luggage or equipment, don’t worry about loading up an SUV or minivan; 15 passenger vans can come equipped with even more cargo space if needed. The van comes with plenty of standard safety features so you know your group will be well protected while traveling.