Why Meteorite Wedding Rings Are the Most Exclusive and Unique Jewelry You Can Own 

Why Meteorite Wedding Rings Are the Most Exclusive and Unique Jewelry You Can Own 

Meteorites often dazzle us with a splendid display of fireworks when the night skies are clear. The sight is of space debris burning up on re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere; however, some of them are large enough and do not fully burn up and land on Earth with a big impact. As it cools over millions of years, a beautiful and unique crystalline structure forms which in the hand of expert jewelers becomes an object of awe, quite unlike anything else you may see. Even though meteorite has been used for making jewelry for hundreds of years, it is only in the recent past that it has become popular with contemporary men and women.

What Is a Meteorite Made Of?

Meteorite used to fashion jewelry has a high content of iron, cobalt, and nickel. While there are various types of meteorite available, jewelers prefer to work with only authentic Gibeon meteorite. Considered to be the best for jewelry making, it is the most expensive, not only because it looks great but also because the availability is limited. The higher than usual concentration of nickel in Gibeon meteorite makes it less prone to rust that over time can mar the delightful Widmanstatten pattern, a meteorite is known for. According to NASA, the Widmanstatten pattern is a unique triangular pattern formed in the iron-nickel meteorites.

Meteorite Wedding Bands 

While you can have a wedding ring built completely out of meteorite, it is more common to have meteorite used as inlays in rings made out of metals like Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium, Damascus steel, Gold, etc. Crafting a wedding ring out of a meteorite is a long and painstaking affair requiring immense skill. Nevertheless, you can find a unique set of rings at any of the top jewelers. They are as perfect for engagement rings as for wedding rings, and you can even have a diamond setting if you wish or even a carved meteorite piece as the center stone. To check latest designs you can visit here – meteoriterings.co.

The Rusting Issue

Meteorites tend to rust because of the high iron content. Even the best of meteorite rings will, over time, become tarnished. And you will need to factor in the care you need to put in to keep it looking new. Even though the best jewelers use Gibeon Meteorite. Which is more rust-resistant due to a higher concentration of nickel. You still need to keep it dry and not expose it to chemicals or salt water. The rings from top jewelers come applied with high-tech oil. That seals the meteorite, and you can have it reapplied any time, you think it is necessary. Regular use inhibits rust but in case it is formed. You can clean by yourself using common household cleaners though expensive rings should ideally be cleaned and polished by a jeweler.


Because of their rarity, meteorite rings are exclusive and priced accordingly. You need to understand their characteristics and take proper care of them. Establishing the authenticity of meteorite rings is vital. You should buy only from reputed jewelers and insist on a certificate of authenticity. 

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