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He black clouds and sterling silver linings. Sterling silver and radiant silver engagement and wedding bands can never go out of vogue, despite the arrival and boom of new wedding band materials and metals. If your metal of choice is silver, you need to know its special care information, ring styles, and handy shopping tips.

  • Highly malleable and soft, pure silver is too soft to cut and craft into a long-lasting wedding. By far, sterling silver is the best silver for wedding bands and rings. You can find a magnificent assortment in reputable sites. Just visit mensrings.co to know more. 
  • By weight, sterling silver is 92% silver. You alloy it with 7.5% copper. 
  • You can treat these with the flashing process, wherein you plate the bands with a thin coat of exquisite silver (99.99% pure silver). 
  • It renders a unique finish to the piece with extra shine and luster. However, flashing tends to fade off in a short time if you wear the silver regularly. 
  • You can also treat the sterling silver bands with rhodium plate to enhance its shine and durability. Silvers don’t necessitate the plating, so it’s entirely your choice.

Lightweight and versatility

As a softer, fine metal, silver isn’t heavy on your hands. Even if your colossal digit has a monster band, silver won’t hinder anything. It’s a big positive if the man prefers his fingers to be nimble and nice.

  • You might get the same weight category from tungsten or from a lighter titanium, but until you’re rating the weight of ring in milligrams, you don’t need to confine your options to the stereotypical classics.
  • Speaking of versatility, sterling silver, as a staple jewelry, has lots of styles. It’s incredibly glossy. Luster and shine are the benchmarks of a precious metals’ hall of fame, and silver can deliver in both the houses like a boss.
  • Additionally, silver’s unmatched malleability helps you to craft silver bands in various sizes and shapes. For a fancy and regal look, silver appears to be peerless.

If you want to get to the crux of the matter, it’s time to underline a few shortcomings. Since it’s a softer metal, silver can be susceptible to scratching in the event of pressure or beating. Worse yet, when the force increases, silver can also squish under it, endangering your finger or wrist. Tungsten doesn’t pose any such risks, which is why many people do prefer tungsten to silver.

On the considerations

If you work with your hands and are fidgety about your jewelry, silver could be your cup of tea. It’s prone to shape changes and dings over time. There are people who appreciate the way the metal ages and accumulates marks from regular wear.

But there are many who don’t like how silver looks like a 20–30-year-old piece within one year. In that case, you can go for a more durable material like white gold. Silver has extremely versatile finishes, which is why you have endless collections of sterling silver wedding bands in soft satin, high polish, and oxidized black look.